Audi Logo Evolution

Automaker Audi AG, famous for its secure, reliable and luxury cars and SUVs has been into existence for more than a hundred years now and still manufactures one of the leading German cars today under the Audi brand. The company is named after name the surname of its founder, August Horsh, originally the creator of Horsh and is now a part of the Volkswagen group (which holds more than 99% of the share capital), following Audi’s merger with NSU.

Today it produces cars with better-quality interior experience. The A8, which is one of best cars it produces today, promises an amazing driving experience and offers a splendid interior. Although popular for its cars, the company has also produced many motorcycles and vehicles used during the war.

Design Elements of Audi Logo:
On the celebration of its 100th anniversary, the company updated its logo that started in September 2009 with minor changes in the font, size, color and overall appearance to represent “technical innovative power and lightweight design.” It stresses “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Advancement through Technology).

Shape of Audi Logo:
Audi Logo comprises of four 3-dimensional overlapping rings which now appear sharper with a more of a polished chrome look, depict the 1932 merger of Audi with DKW, Horsh and Wanderer, and signifies strength and security.

Color of Audi Logo:
The slightly darker colors used in the Audi logo give it a more shinny and defined look. The aluminum silver in the rings represents innovative power and lightweight design, an Audi core competency that set the brand apart.

Font of the Audi Logo:
The font used is now more standardized san-serif, which appears to be simple yet modern.

New Audi Logo:
The new look to the logo is a message by the company to its customers and employees to render more innovative and efficient designs. It is hoped that the new Audi logo, implemented in August 2009, works for the company and further strengthens its bond with its customers.


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